Wilsons Boxing- Private Boxing lessons and mens/womens/coed boxing classes




                        Mens or Womens Boxing Classes! First 2 are Free!



 Want to get fit without getting hit? Go a few rounds? If you think Boxing is just for the rough & tough, you're wrong! Boxing is now one of the most popular fitness regimes out there and if it's a lean, toned, strong body you're seeking then this is for you!

Learn to box from a Professional boxer and get in the best shape of your life. I offer private one on one boxing lessons, semi privates for friends or couples and  boxing classes for men and women, all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Whether you are looking to compete, want a different more exciting, challenging workout or if you are just interested in learning the "sweet science" of boxing, this workout is for you. I will work with you to learn at your own pace regardless of your age or current fitness level (even the very beginner). Boxers are some of the fittest of athletes as it works the entire body. You will see your arms, shoulders, legs, glutes and abs firming up and changing shape while your cardio endurance improves.

No experience is necessary. I will patiently show you everything from the Basic Footwork, Punches, and Combinations focusing on proper stance and form through repetition, step by step explanation, demonstration, and just plain hard work! You will develop hand-eye coordination, speed, power, stamina and over-all body conditioning and core strengthening. Together we can develop fun new ways to lose weight, get back into shape or even professionally train for a competitive fight.  Includes heavy bag work. pads/mittwork

What are you waiting for? Start now and get in shape for good while doing a workout you actually enjoy


*boxing is fantastic for weight loss and overall toning

* great for cardio fitness, managing stress levels

* perfect for aspiring amateur boxers. training to compete

* for those who need a new challenging workout that is never boring/always different

* training/fitness that you will actually look forward to!

* boxing is perfect for men, women, beginners, all ages, all fitness levels

 *private boxing lessons or group boxing classes for men and boxing classes for women only     

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